2013 National Vending Statistics


Posted Dec 27, 2013
by VP, Strategy

How can one make sense of an industry that has very few agreed upon standards beyond DEX? Reports from the two leading vending publications are rarely aligned and vendor case study statistics often use unrealistic, top performing machine’s data to create unreal expectations for operators.

VendScreen has a unique position to provide a macro lens on activity across the nation. Below are vending statistics averaged across thousands of devices and includes data from every device we’ve deployed in the field.


Vending Statistics Infographic

The Real Deal – Vending Machine Revenue Data for the U.S.

Understanding where your machines fall in an overall performance index may be helpful in assessing when to invest more in technology, diversify snack offerings, or scout new locations. VendScreen is built around the concept of centralized intelligence so that operators know what is happening in the field and where their attention or resources should be directed.

We look forward to continuing to provide more unvarnished industry statistics and trends in 2014. Get a detailed view of what is happening at each of your machines with the addition of the VendScreen system – get your free estimate today.


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What's your take?

Hi, Thanks for the article. Do you also have the date for 2010, 2011 and 2012? It would be really helpful to see how much the casheless has grown in the past 3 years..Could you share that here please? Regards, Rajesh
VP, Strategy
Thanks for your inquiry Rajesh. VendScreen does not have statistical samples for those years as we have only been commercially in the market for the last 18 months. Our team plans to continue mining metrics for actionable data trends to share with our customers and with the larger industry on occasion. Cheers.
hi, I am looking for vending machines for tools statistics that who are market leaders in this industry main players providing vending machines so can this report help me in conducting a market analysis for the tools vending machines. please provide any report on that or share any link from where i can get statistics as i am student and doing project on vending machines for tools?
VP, Strategy
Syed - I'll email you to see if we can help further. Cheers